Strength of materials 1

Name of module: Strength of materials 1

Module code: 18502 


a. Number of credits: 03 credits

b. Department: Strength of materials

c. Time distribution:

- Total: 48 lessons.

- Theory: 26 lessons.

- Experiment: 6 lessons.

- Exercise: 14 lessons.

- Test: 2 lessons. 

d. Prerequisite to register the module: After studying theoretical mechanics.

e. Purpose and requirement of the module:

Knowledge: Supply students with knowledge about the fundamental concepts of the subject, the geometric properties of cross-sections, the mechanical properties of materials and methods to determine them. As a result, the subject brings out methods to calculate the strength, the stiffness of construction parts and machine parts in basic load-resistant manners.


- Be able to correctly think, analyse, evaluate the load-resistant state of construction parts, machine parts. 

- Be capable of applying the knowledge of the subject to solve practical problems. 

- Be able to solve the basic problems of the subject proficiently. 

Job attitude:

- Obviously understand the important role of the subject in technical fields. As a result, students have serious, active attitude and try their best in study.

f. Describe the content of the module: Strength of materials 1 module consists of content below:

- Chapter 1: The fundamental concepts

- Chapter 2: Axially loaded bar

- Chapter 3: The properties of areas

- Chapter 4: Torsion in round shaft

- Chapter 5: Flexure of initially straight beam

g. Compiler: MSc Nguyen Hong Mai, Strength of materials Department – Basic Science Faculty 


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